Nicki Minaj- A Great Pop Singer In Hollywood Cinema Industry

In the Hollywood cinema industry, there are plenty of Pop singers will make the folks to enjoy and attract by their rocking performance and stylish singing methods. In this way, the Nicki Minaj is one of the famous hip pop singer which she are features on American Billboards for seven Songs to compose forever. In fact, most of her songs will attract many folks to listen a feel excited by her massive performance. So, her Net Worth will begin multiplying in double by her hard work and success in hip pop singing role. However, he was born in 1982 in Saint James, Trinidad and Tobago. She is graduated the Music class and singing from LaGuardia School forever.

 In fact, her father Robert Maraj was a drug addict and she was brought up in an abusive environment in her early years. So, she will struggle a lot in her career and make her to be succeeding in her life. On the other hand, she met Lil Wayne who helps her to start the career well. In 2010, she launched her Debut album which will be the massive hit of the year on that day.  Likewise, she had attained many fans to follow up and get her career to start in hip pop specialist. In addition, she has changed her name in several times and she loves to call herself as Cookie, Barbie, and other nick names as she wants.

 Finally, she decided to make her name as Nicki Minaj as the real name and it has just come with Nicki as a genius name forever and wrote the first rap when she was just 12 years old. Also, she is Unmarried and had been dating her boyfriend named as Safaree Samuels and they both started dating in 2002 and engaged in 2011.


Early Life And Achievements

So, you can check the nicki minaj – biography in online celebrity site in order to know about her and her achievements. Now currently, she is dating with Meek Mill who is her collaborator and close friend. They both will attend any parties together and they become very close and meet each other for any parties together. Also, they both have a high net worth in which they will come and get huge fans by her performance and singing styles. However, the Nicki body is very much attractive for the folks because of her pear shaped and she has a great ass and perfect breasts.

 In addition, she will always wear a revealing cloths and she make her photos as eye catching style and with her costumes. Later, she has created a calendar for 2015 with the best of her assets vibes to captive for all her male fans. This calendar has to reveal about her sexy poses for her male fans. She was said that, this calendar will enable the men to feel good by seeing her ass which come under plastic surgery forever. Also, she lives in an 11.8 million dollar house and her house has five garages because she owns plenty of luxury cars to park with it. Also, it has large swimming pool and made up of wood and stone forever

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